Tips on Wearing High Heel Sandals

It is never too late for parties. And it is never too late to dress up and grace your feet with those wonderful magical high heels sandals. Apart from adding some spice to your outlook, it also makes you feel tall, confident, beautiful and sexy. Imagine about the transformation the heels would make on you. Tempting isn’t it? But they do come with a few rules. So let us get started with some tips on wearing this amazing style of summer shoe and let us get to know about these ‘rules’. We’ve taken a cue from the fashion experts at Justfab after reading some of their advice on wearing high heel sandals and combined it with some of our own words of wisdom.

We think the three main rules that should be followed are Size, Practice and Style.

High Heel Sandals

  • Size: Size relates to both the size of the sandal along with the size of the heel. It is very important to be sure about your sandal length and apart from that, about selection of such sandal in which you will be comfortable walking in. There is always a spectrum of options available in sandals but only you can decide which one is going to suit you the best. Try out something that makes you feel comfortable and think of wearing them as many times as possible with outfits complementing the sandals. Start walking in small heels. Take small steps before plunging into big ones. In fact it shows in your walk whether you are comfortable in your sandals or not. So choose accordingly.
  • Practice: Before donning your sandals and going out, first you must practice at home. Practice on different textured surfaces. Be it carpet, wooden or marble floors, practicing on each type of floor would definitely help you out in striding comfortably and confidently. And it is always better to be ‘dancing’ indoors than ‘tripping’ outdoors. But remember not to over- tire your feet and legs. Take breaks in between and offer finger- tip massage to your feet. It helps in relaxing and improves blood circulation to the feet. Practice turning, twirling and dancing as much as possible. Stairs are one thing that not everybody in sandals is comfortable to think about. But they are also important for the practice sessions. Try taking few stairs everyday- to go up, one step at a time by keeping the ball portion (portion just below your toes) on one step and then raise yourself. Then do the same by taking your next foot forward and continue doing this for the next few steps. Try coming down the stairs by putting one foot at a time on one step. If you want you can hold your side railings for support.
  • Style: Wear high heels sandals that look good with your type of feet and legs. For example, beginners can use a tight ankle- strap sandal with spiked heels. Straps provide appropriate support plus they look amazing with almost all types of outfits. They are even more comfortable than strapless high heels shoes. In fact you make a style statement yourself. If you want you can ‘dress- up’ your sandals by tying a matching ribbon or by sticking sparkling stones on them so that they match your outfits.

Before you start using high heels sandals, make sure to take care of your feet. Exfoliate them, clean them, moisturise them and then apply a suitable nail paint but make sure it matches with your sandals. If you have sore feet then you can also use foot- insert which are designed for sandals. Take proper care of your feet and legs and then take over the world with their charm.

So, now you have read the do’s and dont’s of wearing high heels sandals, are you ready to tango?

For even more awesome advice and tips for wearing high heel sandals, watch this video:

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