The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Womens Boots

Boots are always stylish and comfortable. A hot pair of boots (or three!)  are extremely essential to carry out any outfit. They can be teamed up with various outfits and help in enhancing their essence. They are of so many varieties that it makes one completely confused on what to lay their hands (actually feet) on. So here is the ultimate guide to wearing women boots.

Let’s start off by taking a look at ankle boots for women, which look the best when worn with dresses that elongate and highlight legs. They are dainty and give an unexpected edge to the outfits. Casual ankle boots are very comfortable when worn with socks. Yes! Socks inside boots give a non- slippery and comfortable feeling to the feet unlike pantyhose. It is a complete fashion disaster to pair ankle boots with knee length dresses as the combination makes one’s legs look like chopped off. Short dresses and skirts look fabulous with ankle boots. Among the jeans, skinny and leggings look absolutely sleek with ankle boots. Ankle boots are not meant for outfits that are wide- legged or long. They are meant to be shown off as much as your legs. Though high- heeled ankle boots have been seen on celebrities and fashionistas alike, flat/non- heeled ankle boots, especially with embellishment have become increasingly popular as well.

Knee high boots are perfect for simple, classy yet flexible outfits. Knee high boots go with almost any kind of outfit in your closet. From casual cowboy styles to dressy heels to slouchy motorcycle styles, knee high boots are always in style. Not simply reserved for crunching leaves or navigating slushy streets, these amazing boots pep up summer outfits like sundresses and denim cut- offs. Some examples are long skirts, short skirts, leggings, skinny jeans dresses. Long and narrow skirts look fabulous with knee high boots. For short skirts like minis, you can team up knee high boots with stockings or opaque hose. Leggings and skinny jeans look amazing when tucked in knee high boots. In fact even non- heeled knee high boots look great with such skinny jeans and leggings but not with skirts or dresses.

Thigh high boots are extremely sexy and can be worn in many but specific ways. Thigh-high boots are fashion- forward, and will definitely add some edge to your outfit. They can also look downright chic when worn with a dress or cigarette pants. They can be worn with leggings or even stockings/ opaque hose to give an elongated look to the legs. These thigh high boots look best with skirts that overlap just an inch over the boots. You can even wear thigh high boots to work provided they do not come with zips or other frills that can avoid attention. You can even wear flat thigh high boots with casual trousers or skinny jeans to have a carefree and casual look.

So go out there and get these amazing pairs of boots and experiment with your other outfits too. You can also watch the video below for some more ways to look hot in womens boots!

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