Make Your Eyes Look Brighter and Larger With Makeup

Eyes are the windows to one’s soul. They are always beautiful. But sometimes we all like to play with them and try to make them look stylish and different. There are so many people out there whose eyes look drastically different after applying make up. Let us take a look on a few tricks to make your eyes look brighter and larger with make up.

First trick is to keep your eye brows well manicured. They give a very clean and complete look to the eyes and face. You can then use a suitable eye brow pencil to well define your eyebrows and make them look more define and proper.

Next step is to reduce puffiness and dark circles under your eyes. For puffiness you can either use cold tea- bags or cucumber or even potato peels. You can even use an eye based primer based on which other make up products would be applied. For dark circles you can use a well matched concealer suitable to your skin tone and especially made for eyes. They work wonders to lighten dark circles and spots and so brighten up your eyes.

Few people are blessed with natural long and curly eyelashes. And those who are not can use an eyelash curler and a good mascara. Eyelash curler curls up your eyelashes and make them look curly, raised, long and away from your eyes thus making them look larger. You can even use false eyelashes. False eyelashes are almost everybody’s favorite. They are exotic, gorgeous and look completely natural if applied properly. However they are a little bit time consuming but they work amazing.

Get brighter and larger eyes with makeup!Use mascara on both the upper and lower eyelashes. For upper, hold the mascara brush horizontally and move back and forth and for lower hold the brush vertically and move it back and forth. Use an eyeliner to define your eyelids. In fact a white eyeliner is extensively used to make eyes look brighter and larger. Usually the lower inside lids of the eyes are touché up with a white eyeliner. Another way is to put it on the outer edges of the lower and upper eyelids. Similarly black, green or blue eyeliners can be used on the top eyelids. But it is advised to use pencil eyeliners for lower eyelids. When using colored eyeliners, skip the inner corners and use only on the outer edges.

You can even highlight your brow with a light colored shade of eye shadow but the shade must match your skin tone around the eyebrows.

Too much of eyeliner can make your eyes look small. Use a proper neutral shade eye shadow at the top and outer edges of the upper eyelid. You can even use white eye shadow instead of white eyeliner. Use darkest shades on the outer edge and crease of the eyelid, a slightly less darker in the middle and a light at the inner edge. This gives and elongated and large look to the eyes.

Below you can see video of another great trick in action:

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