Ideas for Cute Hairstyles With Hair Bows

A hair bow is one accessory that is not limited to any age group and can be used to enhance one’s lovely mane. Be it short or long, hair bows are so cute themselves that they enrich one’s beauty by adding that extra chic to the personality. There are an umpteen number of ideas for cute hairstyles with hair bows.

Everybody looks wonderful in hair bows. And there are so many options available to play with hair and also hair bows to make them look complete. To keep it simple, some make ponytails and use a hair bow head band. Some make two pigtails and use two hair bow clips or bands alongside them. But there is no end to this experimentation of using hair bows.

Cute Hair BowThere are some bows that look good with specific hairstyles. For instance, collar bows are perfect for buns or braided buns. They tend to give a very professional and sophisticated look to the bun. You can also straighten your hair and make a partition on one side. You can twist your front bangs and pin them at the back and use hair bow pins over them. You can make a simple braid and tie a hair bow at the end or you can make a ponytail and tie or clip a hair bow at its top.

One more cute hairstyle French braid with hair bows. You can part the hair above your eye to the crown. Make a French braid out of that portion of the hair. Tie it and pin it at the back of the head, underneath the rest of the hair. Use hair bow pins at the side of the partition or near your ear. You can even enhance it by twisting and braiding on both the sides. Make a ponytail and then a braid out of that ponytail. Join and pin those previous two braids with the main ponytail/ braid. Pin up a hair bow on top of the ponytail. For short or medium length hair, tie and make a ponytail at one side. Then pull out the ponytail little bit through the band. Clip or tie the hair bow at the base of the ponytail or you could even use a hair bow head band.

For kids, try to use bright colors like red, pink, yellow, orange instead of dark colors like black, blue etc. For adults, try to use colors like black, red, beige and make your hairstyles such that hair bows are noticeable and do not seem to be messy.

In fact you can even make hair bow hairstyles and then clipping hair bows on them.

Hair bows are a complete ‘in’ accessory for every girl. They are available in the form of clip ons, ribbons, head bands, barrettes etc.  Clip ons are the largest and also heavy.  They are used to hold large sections of hair. Ribbons can be worn as simple ribbons or even head bands. They are of various designs and are used basically to tie ponytails and braids. They can be used both for formal as well as casual occasions. Barrettes are simpler than clip ons and are usually in the form of bows. They are used to hold bangs aside or even to hold ponytails and braids.

If you’re looking for some more adorable ways to wear hair bows, have a look at this awesome video:

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