Hottest Shoe Styles to Wear With Short Skirts

If you have it, flaunt it-  This is the mantra of those who love to wear short skirts and show off their legs. Short skirts comprise of straight, bell- shaped, A- line, full, pleated or circle/balloon- shaped. Miniskirts are thigh-length skirts, while micro minis are the shortest. It seems that short skirts would be more common in warmer climates and summertime, but they are worn just as much in cold weather as warm. But the  best and hottest shoe styles are undoubtedly a hands down item to be worn with short skirts. And an attractive one can make your outfit look into an attention- grabbing trendy ensemble.

Below are the hottest shoe styles to wear with short skirts that you cannot avoid to read.

Flip-Flops: If you’re going super casual, flip flops or other flat sandals are a great choice. If it is a simple short skirt, such as a denim mini, you can really enhance the look with a sandal that has beading, sequins or metallic detailing.

Flats: Flats like ballet flats and skimmers do not work very well with longer skirts but are great with short skirts.

Wedge Sandals:  Nothing flatters one’s legs more than a pair of wedge sandals for women. Espadrille, bohemian, strappy and woven styles all look great provided they all are open- toed.

Sneakers: It is definitely a casual look, but sneakers work well even with a short skirt. They look great with denim minis. Streamlined classic is the best choice.

Boots: Tall boots like knee- high boots, or boots that fall just below the knee have become popular with short skirts. Heels or no heels, they are an ideal match for short skirts. Brown, beige, ochre and black are the best colors for this look.

Kitten Heels: Kitten heels are small heels and look really cute with short, free flowing skirts especially chiffon skirts. They give an amazing look to long legs.

However high heels like stilettos or high heeled boots should be carefully tried and then chosen. No doubt they are hot but they look good with particular body types. Ankle boots can really strike a goal but sometimes they make legs look heavy and shorter than they actually are. Women with very thin legs might also struggle pulling off this look, as skinny calves usually do not look good with such boots. Stilettos make women’s legs look and feel sexier than any other type of shoe. But they may or may not fit to look good with some short skirts like denim minis. Pumps are both comfortable and look good with short skirts but with heels they actually tend to be a bit heavy looking for the carefree style of most minis.

No short skirt should be allowed to be teamed up with shoes that are either bulky or athletic or that require socks to be worn inside them.

So select the best and the hottest shoe styles from the above and stride away with confidence.

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