Hot & Sexy Ways to Wear a Scarf

Scarves have always been in vogue. Scarves were first launched to keep women from getting cold during the blistering wintry days. However nowadays with the premium brands like Hermes launching exclusive lines of variously styled scarves, this accessory is now helping women all across make a fashion statement. Scarves need not only be wrapped around the neck to keep you from getting cold, scarves have now become an all season accessory which can be worn quite seductively to look stylish and elegant.

As a Halter:
Printed scarves which are square in shape can be used to a make a fashion statement when teamed up with denim shorts or a short skirt. Scarves which are square in shape can be used conveniently to achieve this look. To get this stylish look you must fold your scarf into a triangle. Then drape the scarf over yourself so that the two opposite ends of the scarf can be tied around your waist the pointed edges can be spilt to be tied around your neck.

One Shoulder Dress:
To achieve this look drape the scarf over you so that one end of the scarf goes above one shoulder and the other adjacent end of the scarf goes below the other arm. Secure the two adjacent ends behind with a sparkly clip (preferably do not use a safety pin). This will help you achieve a stylish one shoulder dress look for an evening out on town. However ensure that you wear a strapless body con underneath the scarf since the scarf will not cover your hips.

A Cowl Neck Halter with a Blazer:
The scarf can also be worn as a halter below a blazer. As for the halter top mentioned above you can tie the two adjacent ends around your waist while tying the other adjacent edges around your neck. However while wearing the scarves with your blazers ensure that you wear a tube top underneath the scarf in case the scarf slips out of its place.

Scarves are great to be used as a bandeau. You can try this look if you are ready to hit the beach with flat abs and in really skimpy clothes. To achieve this look you must fold the scarf at a thickness that you are comfortable with. The scarf after folding must not be too thick or too thin. Then wrap the scarf around your chest and tie it into a small bow.
Strapless Top:

This is one of the most simplest and sexy ways to wear a scarf. All you have to do is fold the scarf into half and then drape the scarf on yourself so that the folded ends can be pinned together on your back. You can use fancy pins or clips to hold the ends of the scarf on your back. Ensure that you securely fasten the pins or clips from one of the folded scarf to the other. Team up this strapless top with a pair of denim shorts or skirt for a stylish night out on town.

For more ultra hot looks and super sexy ways to wear scarves, check out YouTube video below:

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