Get Gorgeous Looking Smokey Eyes Quick & Easy!

Ever since celebrities started showing off their smoldering, smokey eyes on the red carpet, such eye make up techniques have become hugely popular. Three words can be used for smokey eyes:  deep, classic and sexy.  Smokey eyes look good on everyone irrespective of the color of eyes. They tend to give a very mysterious but beautiful look to the face.

It looks effortless but actually very precision oriented techniques are used to get those beautiful smokey look.  So here are some quick and easy tips to get gorgeous looking smokey eyes which you will love to follow.

Apply an eye shadow primer all over the upper eyelid and below the lower eyelid. Allow it to dry and then apply a concealer that suits your skin tone and you may use your finger tips or a soft angular brush to apply it evenly. Then use a light/ neutral colored eye shadow, say white, and apply it all over the upper lid till the brow bone. This eye shadow should be extremely light so that it can be properly blended and make your eye lids look clean and prominent. Do not use any glitter based eye shadow as it looks really messy on smokey eyes. Rather use a shimmer based color.

Smokey EyesUse a black colored eye pencil and line the entire eye- both upper lid and lower lash line.  Use your finger tips or a soft brush or a Q- tip to blend the line and make it look soft. Take the darkest eye shadow, say black, on the upper lid over the softened liner. Now again use your fingertips or a brush to smudge this eye shadow and give it a soft look. Use a lighter eye shadow, say brown or grey and apply it from the lash line of the upper lid (at the starting point of your eye) to the brow bone.

Use brushes or cotton balls/ pads to remove any extra powder which might have fallen on the face. Now apply the black eye shadow to the lower lash line. Gently smudge it with a brush or your finger tips. Apply the lighter eye shadow below the lower lash line and smudge it.

Apply a black mascara twice or thrice to your eyelashes to make them look long, thick and curly. We recommend going with Dior for some of the best mascara out there.

Some tips to go with smokey eyes are

- You must use a nude color lipstick so that the entire focus is on your smokey eyes. Your lips should not be too dark so as to snatch attention.

- You can use eye shadow as eyeliner by dipping a wet brush into the darkest eye shadow and lining your lash line.

- Make sure both your eyes have the same smokey look. Even the slightest difference would be outrageously visible.

If you’re the kind of person who needs to actually SEE something in order to follow it, check out this great video below:

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As you can see, this hot look can make anyone look desirable and seductive. Try out these quick and easy tips to make the colors romance each other and get gorgeous smokey eyes!