Finding the Best Fitting Bra Possible

Bras can be uncomfortable if they do not fit right. Every time you have to re- fit or re-adjust them or even go out to get a new one. But if the entire technique of getting a good bra is wrong, then no new bra can do any good to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying the most expensive bra from Victoria’s Secret or a cheaply made one from a thrift store. If it doesn’t fit right, it isn’t going to be comfortable!

Bras are an essential component of your lingerie. Apart from making you look good and confident they also help in giving a correct posture to the body. Be it any size, finding the best fitting bra is not at all a difficult task. You deserve to know what type of bra is suitable for your body.

Firstly it is extremely important to avoid mistakes that lead to buy unfit bras.

Finding a bra that fitsPadded and push- up Bras not for everyone: Padded and push up bras are perfect for small busts. They give an essential rise and may appear to give volume to the bust. But they are a strict no- no for heavy busted women.

Lose ill fitting bras: Loose fitting bras are extremely uncomfortable and so it comes to the notice even when you take a slow walk. Loose bras tend to slide down at the front and slide up at the back. Due to which breasts tend to look sagged and so lose their firmness.

Confusion about cups: In most of the cases there is an utmost confusion in the cup sizes and so you end up buying a bra which you think is somewhat nearer to your cup size but not exactly perfect. It is your body. You have to take proper care of it. Do not settle for anything less than perfect. Know your bust size and buy bras that are exactly the same measurements.

Self Service: Many girls tend to shy away from asking questions related to their bodies. They go on buying bras without having much knowledge about them. You must go and ask the people of the stores to help you out. There are many fitters in stores that can come to your help.

If your breasts dimple or they bulge out of your bras, then it is time to get a good fitting bra.

Now there are some things that might just help you know about the best fitting bra for your body.

  • It is extremely important to know the actual measurements of your bust. Firstly you must stand straight and relax (no extreme inhalation or extreme exhalation). Take a measuring tape and measure around your upper body. Place the tape right below your breasts (say 30 ½). Add five to it and round it to the nearest number (i.e. 35 ½ rounded up to 36). This is the band size.
  • Similarly measure the fullest part of your bust (across the nipples) and do not do it too tightly. Let us say it is 38.
  • Now subtract both the measurements. The result is 2. This result is actually your cup size.
  • The cup sizes are as follows: 0-AA, 1- A, 2- B, 3- C, 4- D, 5- DD, 6- DDD. So in the above the best bra would be 36B.

Sometimes it’s easier to picture things with a video, so I found a great guide and tutorial that shows some awesome tips on finding the best fitting bra for any bust size. You can see it below…

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