Finding the Perfect Spring Dresses for Your Closet

Who doesn’t love spring? After all it gives us all a chance of adding that pinch of spice to our wardrobes. A warmer weather and a cool breeze, all just perfect to take a stroll out in the open in new spring dresses. (Click that link for some more inspiration from ShopStyle!). If it’s tips and expert advice that you’re looking for, here are some ideas to help you find the perfect dress to have you looking spectacular for the entire season!

Beautiful spring, beautiful colors: We never have a dearth of choice in colors when it comes to choosing spring dresses. Enough of the warm clothes of the winter season. It is time to bring about a change to your closet. You can start by getting all the bright and happy colors available. Mix tinge of pink, yellow, green, coral blues and turquoise. Try experimenting with jeans, tees along with a scarf or a belt.

Spring Dresses

Experiment with your collection: Do not just have a limited type spring dresses. Along with colors, there are different styles of dresses available during spring. Try out different types like tees with jeans as well as skirts, dresses with and without jackets or scarves etc. Ruffled necklines and floral prints are always a hit in this season. You can always take the staff’s help when shopping for such dresses.

How about new shoes?: Footwear is extremely important in enhancing your style and confidence. Add some spring/ summer shoes like flip flops, little or no heeled sandals and small wedge heeled sandals but try to get neutral shades that look good with most number of outfits.

If you are a bit heavy or broad or heavy busted, then focus on buying those spring dresses that would help in focusing on your shoulders and waist instead of your chest. Sleeveless and belted outfits are preferable for such body types.

If you are a plus size, then go for something that is belted and strapless. For petite sizes, go for something that is close- fitting but not skin tight, as this might make you look extremely skinny and tiny. Try those that end just above the knee or at high waists. For petites, highlighting your waists can give you an extra edge. If you are pear shaped i.e. hips wider than the chest, then you can have something that is narrow or fits just right at the chest and flares from waist onwards. Cap sleeved and sleeveless outfits look amazing on this body type.

Chiffon spring dresses are always a favorite. It keeps you cool and adds an extra freshness to your look. The range includes full- length and long sleeved gowns in black and white floral prints and halter- neck designs with pockets for a more functional look. Short dresses with laces look extremely fresh and cute.

Apart from these, try adding ribbons, accessories like ankles and long earrings, totes to your wardrobe and messy buns and different type of braids to look cool in spring.

For some more advice, here’s a handy video:

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Try out these tips of finding the perfect spring dresses for your closet and happy experimenting!