An Expert’s Guide to Wearing Denim Jeans

Denim jeans have always been everybody’s favorite. They are casual and extremely comfortable and can be experimented with so many different looks and still look good. Here is the ultimate guide to wearing denim jeans.

Cigarette jeans continue to be trendy, but the style and overall look is not appropriate for all body types. Women who naturally have a thin frame figure are the best candidates for skinny jeans. The tight fit around the ankles makes hips look wider. So it is just not advisable for women who have broad hips. Skinny jeans look best with a voluminous top that does not sit at the waist. Babydoll -style tops, tunic lengths, and flowy blouses are perfect for this look since they usually extend down to mid-thigh. Skinny jeans should not be paired with midriff- baring shirts or shirts that require tucking in. Darker colors are the best options and they look amazing with long boots and stilettos.

Straight- leg jeans fit similarly to skinny jeans, but they have a larger opening in the calves and ankles, making them easier to wear. They work well with most types of tops and help give your legs a longer look. They are straight throughout. Shoes like athletic and sports shoes, flats as well as heels look good with these jeans. Short tops till waist length look good when teamed up with straight jeans. Choose a top that is flattering to the top half of your body, as most tops work well with straight- leg jeans. Appear slimmer by wearing belted tops or fitted tops that do not fit too tightly. Add colorful jewelry or bright belts to draw attention to either the top or bottom half.

Boot cut jeans is the name given to jeans that flare out at the bottoms, so the jeans will go over your boots.  They are not considered exactly to be bell bottoms, because the flare is not as big or dramatic, but they are very similar and somewhat belong to the same family.  They were even introduced in the 1980′s to replace the bell bottom jeans, that were not so popular at that time.  Boot cut jeans just flared out a little at the bottom making them more appealing than the bell bottoms.

They often give one a slimming effect, unlike the tapered leg jeans that make the mid section look bigger than it really is.  Tapered jeans do not go over boots and bulky shoes, so therefore if you are wearing these types of footwear, it looks more pleasing on the eye to wear boot cut jeans. Boot cut jeans are very popular and are worn by many.  They look good on almost every body type. Long tops do not look good with these type of jeans. Any high heeled boots or shoes will look good.

Jeans have been given such names based on their shapes and designs. So do not feel intimidated by such names and try out experimenting them.

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