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The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Womens Boots

Boots are always stylish and comfortable. A hot pair of boots (or three!)  are extremely essential to carry out any outfit. They can be teamed up with various outfits and help in enhancing their essence. They are of so many varieties that it makes one completely confused on what to lay their hands (actually feet) on. So here is the ultimate guide to wearing women boots.

Let’s start off by taking a look at ankle boots for women, which look the best when worn with dresses that elongate and highlight legs. They are dainty and give an unexpected edge to the outfits. Casual ankle boots are very comfortable when worn with socks. Yes! Socks inside boots give a non- slippery and comfortable feeling to the feet unlike pantyhose. It is a complete fashion disaster to pair ankle boots with knee length dresses as the combination makes one’s legs look like chopped off. Short dresses and skirts look fabulous with ankle boots. Among the jeans, skinny and leggings look absolutely sleek with ankle boots. Ankle boots are not meant for outfits that are wide- legged or long. They are meant to be shown off as much as your legs. Though high- heeled ankle boots have been seen on celebrities and fashionistas alike, flat/non- heeled ankle boots, especially with embellishment have become increasingly popular as well.

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One Fashion Item Every Woman Needs – The Little Black Cocktail Dress!

Be it a gathering with loved ones or high profile dinners in corporate circle, everyone tries to put the best in looking the best. And this hard work promises greater results if it involves a wonderful little black cocktail dress. It is one fashion item that every woman needs from time to time. It makes a woman look so classic, beautiful and confident, that half of the battle involved in looking the best is actually won then and there. Its history of becoming famous goes back to the time of the 1960s, thanks to Audrey Hepburn from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’.

The little black cocktail dress is a must- have in a woman’s wardrobe. It is a wardrobe essential for both young and older women. It is so experiment- friendly, that you can try any accessory or other add- ons and it will always end up looking fabulous.

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Finding the Best Fitting Bra Possible

Bras can be uncomfortable if they do not fit right. Every time you have to re- fit or re-adjust them or even go out to get a new one. But if the entire technique of getting a good bra is wrong, then no new bra can do any good to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying the most expensive bra from Victoria’s Secret or a cheaply made one from a thrift store. If it doesn’t fit right, it isn’t going to be comfortable!

Bras are an essential component of your lingerie. Apart from making you look good and confident they also help in giving a correct posture to the body. Be it any size, finding the best fitting bra is not at all a difficult task. You deserve to know what type of bra is suitable for your body.

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Hot & Sexy Ways to Wear a Scarf

Scarves have always been in vogue. Scarves were first launched to keep women from getting cold during the blistering wintry days. However nowadays with the premium brands like Hermes launching exclusive lines of variously styled scarves, this accessory is now helping women all across make a fashion statement. Scarves need not only be wrapped around the neck to keep you from getting cold, scarves have now become an all season accessory which can be worn quite seductively to look stylish and elegant.

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Make Your Eyes Look Brighter and Larger With Makeup

Eyes are the windows to one’s soul. They are always beautiful. But sometimes we all like to play with them and try to make them look stylish and different. There are so many people out there whose eyes look drastically different after applying make up. Let us take a look on a few tricks to make your eyes look brighter and larger with make up.

First trick is to keep your eye brows well manicured. They give a very clean and complete look to the eyes and face. You can then use a suitable eye brow pencil to well define your eyebrows and make them look more define and proper.

Next step is to reduce puffiness and dark circles under your eyes. For puffiness you can either use cold tea- bags or cucumber or even potato peels. You can even use an eye based primer based on which other make up products would be applied. For dark circles you can use a well matched concealer suitable to your skin tone and especially made for eyes. They work wonders to lighten dark circles and spots and so brighten up your eyes.

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Get Gorgeous Looking Smokey Eyes Quick & Easy!

Ever since celebrities started showing off their smoldering, smokey eyes on the red carpet, such eye make up techniques have become hugely popular. Three words can be used for smokey eyes:  deep, classic and sexy.  Smokey eyes look good on everyone irrespective of the color of eyes. They tend to give a very mysterious but beautiful look to the face.

It looks effortless but actually very precision oriented techniques are used to get those beautiful smokey look.  So here are some quick and easy tips to get gorgeous looking smokey eyes which you will love to follow.

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Hottest Shoe Styles to Wear With Short Skirts

If you have it, flaunt it-  This is the mantra of those who love to wear short skirts and show off their legs. Short skirts comprise of straight, bell- shaped, A- line, full, pleated or circle/balloon- shaped. Miniskirts are thigh-length skirts, while micro minis are the shortest. It seems that short skirts would be more common in warmer climates and summertime, but they are worn just as much in cold weather as warm. But the  best and hottest shoe styles are undoubtedly a hands down item to be worn with short skirts. And an attractive one can make your outfit look into an attention- grabbing trendy ensemble.

Below are the hottest shoe styles to wear with short skirts that you cannot avoid to read.

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Finding the Perfect Spring Dresses for Your Closet

Who doesn’t love spring? After all it gives us all a chance of adding that pinch of spice to our wardrobes. A warmer weather and a cool breeze, all just perfect to take a stroll out in the open in new spring dresses. (Click that link for some more inspiration from ShopStyle!). If it’s tips and expert advice that you’re looking for, here are some ideas to help you find the perfect dress to have you looking spectacular for the entire season!

Beautiful spring, beautiful colors: We never have a dearth of choice in colors when it comes to choosing spring dresses. Enough of the warm clothes of the winter season. It is time to bring about a change to your closet. You can start by getting all the bright and happy colors available. Mix tinge of pink, yellow, green, coral blues and turquoise. Try experimenting with jeans, tees along with a scarf or a belt.

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The Best Quick and Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

In this fast paced world nobody has an inclination to do any thing with their hair that is time consuming. However medium length hair is easy to manage and stylize. Medium length hairstyles are extremely comfortable, casual and easy- going. They are the hairstyles that one would love to experiment with. The best, quick and easy everyday hairstyles for medium length hair are always a hit, both for working as well as college going girls. Medium hairstyles are designed and generated keeping a low fuss factor in mind. Variations include highly precision cuts, razor cuts and various layering techniques that allow the hair to fall into its own natural but beautiful shape and form.

One major advantage of such hairstyles is that they can be worn and managed very beautifully and comfortably. They can be designed in various ways. Let’s take a look, shall we?

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Tips on Wearing High Heel Sandals

It is never too late for parties. And it is never too late to dress up and grace your feet with those wonderful magical high heels sandals. Apart from adding some spice to your outlook, it also makes you feel tall, confident, beautiful and sexy. Imagine about the transformation the heels would make on you. Tempting isn’t it? But they do come with a few rules. So let us get started with some tips on wearing this amazing style of summer shoe and let us get to know about these ‘rules’. We’ve taken a cue from the fashion experts at Justfab after reading some of their advice on wearing high heel sandals and combined it with some of our own words of wisdom.

We think the three main rules that should be followed are Size, Practice and Style.

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